Production supply at the right time: powerful solutions for the automotive industry

Supply processes for production and assembly locations place heavy demands on the automotive industry. Synchronized production and logistics processes are top priorities. Communication standards from VDA to EDIFACT are the basis – and efficient logistics IT is a definite must. Automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide rely on IT solutions from inconso to ensure that everything functions perfectly in and outbound, from pre-assembly to the last fastener.

Special functions for the Automotive industry

Our logistics software for the automotive industry provides essential functions: 


  • Optimized order planning and control
  • Control procedures using Kanban
  • Production synchronous procurement and distribution control (JIT/JIS)
  • Integrated tugger/route train processing
  • Optimization functions for single-stage and multi-stage transports
  • Platform concepts for consolidating OEM, suppliers and LSPs 



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What inconso customers say

With inconsoWMS Automotive, we have further increased our efficiency and performance and are able to control supplier-independent processes that others do not. We are even better able to meet the requirements of our very demanding customer to their complete satisfaction.

Frank Boblat


Logistics solutions for automotive

Solutions of the inconso Logistics Suite

The inconso Logistics Suite is the platform for intralogistics and extralogistics tasks. It provides companies of all sizes with the functionalities they need to plan, control and monitor a perfectly functioning logistics network.


inconso Solutions

SAP Solutions

inconso is one of Europe’s leading consulting and software company for logistics and one of the largest, independent SAP partners for IT solutions in the entire supply chain. inconso supports you with SAP certified consultants in coping with industry-specific requirements.


SAP Solutions

Integration in demand in automotive

inconso provides more than just the software. Our wide range of services and many years of experience enable us to consult you comprehensively, find the perfect system for you and implement it. This also includes robotic solutions, complete traceability via RFID or electronic proof of delivery over the last mile. All of our inconso systems are extendable and can be specially tailored to your requirements.

The automotive industry is changing: logistics 4.0

Developments in mobile commerce do not stop at logistics. The use of smart devices in logistics will increase over the next few years. Furthermore, new paths are being taken with the help of mobile end devices, which can be used to increase transparency along the entire supply chain.

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