inconso Logistics Suite

Supply Chain Management: Networks Overview

Monitoring and operational control of national and global distribution networks.

When Supply Chain Management becomes more complex, when suppliers, service providers and customers must be included in the display of goods flows and inventories, when you must monitor and efficiently control multiple distribution levels and warehouse sites, a gap between the ERP system on the one hand and the systems for operational control of the warehouse and distribution locations and transports on the other hand results.

The solution: inconsoSCE (Supply Chain Execution). inconsoSCE provides the required transparency over Supply Chain Management.

Efficient Supply Chain Management with inconsoSCE

As a logistics management tool between the warehouse, transport and ERP, the Supply Chain Management system inconsoSCE offers you a comprehensive view of the actual inventories at the sites and of in-transit stocks, availabilities of stocks and utilization in warehouses and transport. By means of dashboard dialogs, logistics processes can be tracked in various levels of detail.



System Highlights of the Supply Chain Management System

  • Transparency through the centralization of all logistics information, traceability of all processes, comprehensive batch/lot tracking and flexible reporting 
  • Increase in efficiency + cost savings through logistics dashboards with planning support for cross-warehouse inventory, transport, procurement and replenishment control and process optimization 
  • Flexibility due to standardized interfaces and integration of heterogeneous under one roof


Functions of the Supply Chain Management System

  • Inventory management
  • Order management
  • Interface management
  • Advance Notice and inbound management