Production Planning and Control with inconsoPPS/L

The open and flexible PPS system for a manufacturing utilizing many processes and variations

Who controls production today and in the future? With the increasing networking of production and logistics processes, open systems that process information and enable a reliable planning and the flexible control of processes.

inconsoPPS/L is such an application – a production planning and control system (PPS) that is modularly designed and logistics-oriented. It provides system support along the entire logistics value chain: from ordering through to delivery. It is one of the few PPS systems that comprehensively integrates planning and control of production processes. Rough and detailed planning are supported by variable horizons and grids. The planning of the order network occurs simultaneously across all resources.

On the control level, confirmations have an immediate impact on the subsequent order processing, with regard to timing and quantity. An integrated set of rules stores the variant configuration information for all stages of production. In addition, it takes over the the assignment of master data for new variants and can intervene in business management functions where required.