inconso Logistics Suite

Complex Transport Management Connections Easily Mastered

Due to the complexity in Transport Management, dynamic optimization processes usually only provide limited results. Today, large networks are mostly only planned in sections.

The Transport Management System inconsoTMS puts you in the position to also view networks from a global perspective. Transport Management planning can be carried out from the supply and distribution sides. The results can be displayed as tables, graphics and maps in the Transport Management System inconsoTMS.


Increase flexibility and reduce costs in Transport Management.

The modularly designed and individually configurable Transport Management System inconsoTMS is designed for shippers and logistics service providers as well as the classical transport branch. It can easily be integrated into existing system landscapes and Transport Management processes by means of standard connectors. inconsoTMS supports different shipping types and includes functions for the manual and automatic assignment of orders to transport capacities. During automatic planning, orders are cost-optimally assigned to transport capacities based on geographical aspects and restrictions in the Transport Management System.

System Highlights of Transport Management System:
  • Combined use of logistics network planning, master routes and dynamic route optimization
  • Integrated load space optimization for determining the quantities and conditions of shipping units as well as for planning and optimizing packages in load spaces
  • Integrated route optimization for assigning orders to vehicles Processing of large data quantities by scaling the optimization engine
  • Central platform that allows for a decentral or central use of the Transport Management System inconsoTMS
  • Maximal transparency across the entire network through comprehensive dashboard functions
  • Easy integration into existing system landscapes via standard connectors
  • Comprehensive add-ons available: Load Space Optimization, Yard Management, Dangerous Goods Management, Route Planning and the Empty Goods and Returnable Goods Management