Industry Solutions: E-commerce, 3PL, Automotive

Warehouse Management for Every Industry

Based on the Warehouse Management System, different best versions for special industry requirements were developed. These solutions increase the efficiency of your industry's processes and ensure the future viability of your logistics with the adaptability of our proven Warehouse Management System.

E-commerce and Retail

Omni-channel, E-commerce and same day delivery require a high degree of process reliability.

The credo: the more flexible, the better. This requires a uniform platform for all distribution channels. Together with ever-shorter product life cycles, quickly alternating collections, worlds, etc. and decreasing demand for reorders, this has resulted in a logistical challenge.

The goal: a uniform logistics platform for all distribution channels and cross-channel planning and control of logistics in a flexible Warehouse Management System.

Logistics Service Provider (3PL)

Logistics service providers and carriers are meeting growing demands for on-time delivery, delivery quality and cost reduction. This makes tailored solutions all the more necessary. The 3PL solution meets the needs of logistics service providers and supports the processing of complex fulfillment services from packing to packaging through to shipping.


Included in the range of features:

  • Multi-client capable
  • Multi-site capable
  • Multilingual (user data as well)
  • Invoicing of handling and storage costs
  • Processes can be configured by the user
  • Value added services

As standard software for automotive suppliers and their logistics service providers, the automotive solution secures your processes. Based on the Warehouse Management System, a best practice version was developed especially for the requirements of procurement and distribution logistics for automotive suppliers and logistics service providers operating in this environment. The driving force behind this is ensuring production at the best possible cost.


System highlights of the automotive solution:

  • Representation of N:N relationships to pre-suppliers, logistics service providers, suppliers and OEM.
  • Interface manager for communicating with customers, suppliers and in-house systems – in the formats VDA, ODETTE and EDIFACT
  • Pre-supplier control for monitoring supply chains and for mapping all procurement management
  • Container management
  • Delivery call-off management
  • Just in time / just in sequence delivery (JIT / JIS)
  • Delivery and range preview