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Issue 01/2019


The impact of the megatrends globalization and digitization on companies, organizations and institutions worldwide continues to grow. Meeting the requirements resulting from this is an enormous challenge. Many inevitably ask themselves: What does the future have in store? How will the market, competition and consumers change? What business models and technologies will become important?

Logistics is increasingly dealing with these trends. The industry is therefore still in a good position. In Germany, it is the largest industry after the automotive and retail industries; the European logistics market currently amounts to approximately one trillion euros. The small and big pioneers of digitization, who are shaping the future despite the enormous pressure to change, are also worth mentioning. In an increasingly digital world, there will be no recipe for corporate success because it is important to recognize opportunities in an environment that constantly changes while not losing sight of individual circumstances, connections and processes.

inconso is also adapting to a changing market. This is demonstrated by projects in which the further development of IoT scenarios plays an important role or processes in advanced analytics (AA) and artificial intelligence (AI), which are used for product and solution development. In order to do justice to these developments, inconso is adding to its existing know-how by forming a dedicated, interdisciplinary team of experts. One of the team’s tasks is to promote the development of AI methods on a cross-project and cross-departmental level and to support the establishment of uniform approaches and standards.

The editorial in the current inconso Journal addresses the role of digitization partnerships and the enormous potential of innovative technologies and methods. The current projects also offer insight into the interaction of IT and robotics at the national warehouse of the Swiss Automotive Group (SAG) and into standardized transport processes the “digital leader” REHAU has established. Enjoy the inconso Journal!


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By significantly expanding the service portfolio, inconso presents options for sustainably improving processes and procedures in intralogistics.

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