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Issue 01/2020


Discussions about the economic development of logistics in 2020 are controversial: Will the economy pick up again in 2020? According to current forecasts, the logistics industry is expected to grow by 2.2 percent in 2020, or 0.4 percent in actual numbers. Despite these controversial, gloomy predictions, experts agree that there is no crisis in sight. Logistics is still growing, although it seems that it will slow down in the future. In addition, the growing pressure on the industry can also provide opportunities: Given that requirements on various fronts are increasing, the current economic situation is causing people to take initiatives. It is creating space for new approaches and solutions in a permanently changing environment where it is important to identify opportunities.

These challenges in logistics require experts who fully understand the various planning and operative processing requirements. This motivated inconso to join forces with two strong partners, Cohesio and Otimis, a few months ago. Cohesio supplements inconso’s existing range of services with voice-controlled solutions and the integration of autonomous mobile robots (AMR). Otimis specializes in the implementation of warehouse management systems in Latin America. In addition to having a local presence for customers and prospects, especially in the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America, inconso, together with its sister companies, is becoming a leading vendor worldwide through its ability to innovate.

Our joint service offering is more than the sum of its parts. It will significantly boost the development of artificial intelligence (AI), advanced analytics and the integration of new technologies such as autonomous mobile robots. You can read more about it in our main article. 

Insight into current projects shows how companies are meeting the growing requirements of logistics today. Read more about the bundling of all logistics processes of PETER HAHN or completely digitized transport processes of SIG Germany.

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