Start Smart: Product Innovations of the inconso Logistics Suite

By significantly expanding the service portfolio, inconso presents options for sustainably improving processes and procedures in intralogistics.

This includes a software solution for planning and simulating simple to complex 3-D warehouse topologies. The simulation technology inconsoCLASS supports the design, testing and optimization of warehouse and yard processes in virtual 3-D environments. On the basis of simulation data, realistic test scenarios can be run through and optimized with KPI-controlled reports before real adjustments are made. Planning time can be decreased with the solution and real processes can be simulated in operations.

In addition, inconso provides extended functions for highly complex, automated systems in the new release for inconsoMFS (Material Flow System). The digital twin presents one highlight, in addition to the extended possibilities for plant modeling and real-time visualization. With the digital twin in inconsoMFS, it is possible for the first time to visualize plant situations retrospectively and in doing so obtain a simple overview of the plant status. Depending on the visualization’s level of detail, bottleneck analyses of individual plant components can also be carried out. As part of the inconso Logistics Suite, the solution can be seamlessly integrated into existing system landscapes; but when inconsoMFS is connected to third-party systems, it also offers high flexibility in controlling of classic high bay warehouses, automatic storage and retrieval systems, shuttle warehouses, item and outbound sorters or Pick-by-Light systems.

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