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Smooth processes: SAP Yard Logistics

inconso and SAP Yard Logistics: The processes in your yard are optimized with the aid of visualizations and analysis tools.

Yard Management solutions are faced with many challenges: The correct papers are needed when logging in, the container locations must be available on short notice, current movements in the yard as well as needed repairs and cleaning must be monitored. The manual execution and independent planning of these processes leads to delays, additional costs and increased lack of transparency on the premises. SAP Yard Logistics merges planning, execution and payment and thus makes the planning of processes in your yard more efficient and transparent. You receive an intuitive user interface that facilitates the work of everyone in the yard – no matter if they are gate agents, operators or dispatchers. Planned and unplanned movements are displayed in the system in real time, which also applies to necessary repairs and cleaning. The system even displays future workloads and enables dangerous goods inspections.

SAP Yard Logistics highlights:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Display of planned and unplanned movements in real time
  • Display of necessary repairs and cleanings
  • Future workload becomes visible

Das Yard Logistics System lässt sich nahtlos in das SAP Extended Warehouse Management oder das SAP Transportation Management integrieren und bildet so die perfekte Ergänzung für die professionelle und digitalisierte Steuerung Ihrer Supply Chain!