We operate the complete solution for you

Especially in logistics, where reaction times are becoming shorter, delivery networks more complex and constant data availability more important, fast response times and help when issues arise are critical factors for success.

In the complex environment of the involved IT equipment consisting of application software, computer systems, networks, databases and fixed and mobile peripherals, a root cause analysis when disruptions occur is difficult, possibly tedious and might end in competency and responsibility disputes among the involved partners.

This is where the inconso customer support concept comes in:

Complete service from one source, with guaranteed service levels and clear responsibility for the full solution at one central location.

Around the Clock

Around the clock: You can reach the inconso hotline and service desk up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here, your call is registered in the ticket system and the affected system components are identified and analyzed. The inconso service desk provides first level support, notifies the following support levels for the application software or  technical equipment as necessary and coordinates the issue processing across all systems until a solution is found.

At the same time, the call is professionally monitored from start to finish and the customer is regularly informed about the ticket’s current status. Comprehensive analysis options in the ticket system allow for the monitoring and documentation of adherence to the chosen service levels.

Application support: Also 2nd and 3rd Level Support

Issues that cannot be resolved quickly by the service desk are transferred to inconso’s application support. There, experienced software experts with in-depth know-how in the affected application systems are standing by for 2nd and 3rd level issue processing. They quickly and securely analyze, if necessary with the technical support departments, the causes of the malfunctions and ensure that everything will be up and running again as soon as possible.

Systems Support: Precautionary Maintenance

If you desire precautionary maintenance, we will manage your computer or computers as a high availability cluster while also managing the operating system and database. For SAP systems, we offer SAP basis support. The experts at inconso AG are not just available for fast cause analyses and issue resolutions with regard to inconso systems. They monitor customers’ operative systems in ongoing operation with special tools, such as inconsoISW (inconso System Watch) and in doing so frequently find indications of impending problems before they actually occur.

This might pertain to system performance data, response time behavior in critical processes, the monitoring of database parameters, disk space usage, etc. This significantly increases system availability through preventive measures.

With full managed services, inconso can manage all customer systems if desired. The systems can be housed at the customer’s site, a service provider selected by the customer or inconso’s data center. Moreover, inconso can make the software solution fully available as SaaS (software as a service) or a cloud service without the customer having to invest in central IT components.

Network: Operation and Monitoring

In addition to application support as well as monitoring and operating the central computer systems, inconso offers to become fully responsible for maintaining the customer's network, i.e. LAN and WLAN. Since the cause of an issue is frequently not readily apparent, e.g. when a function on a mobile end device does not work correctly anymore, it is vital to integrate this service. Regardless of whether the issue has occurred in the application, database, computer system or network while being transmitted: We will find the cause and fix it - without finger-pointing and arguing about competence.

Technology and Peripherals: The Finishing Touch for Services

If you want real end to end service, we will gladly take over the support for logistic end equipment, such as RF terminals, voice systems, label printers, etc. and thus supply exactly what you need. If disruptions arise in the end equipment, we will analyze the causes, replace the devices or repair them if it is a technical defect, install necessary software updates, configure the devices based on requirements and thus ensure smooth operation from one source.