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Process management, which monitors critical, operative processes within the application system, goes a step further. It is the inconso all-inclusive package.

In a figurative sense: We not only ensure that your car is technically sound and ready to go – we also check that there is enough gas in the tank, notify you when you need to stop for gas and monitor the route you drive. We check if planned, critical arrival times are adhered to at certain places and notify the driver in advance with warning messages if this is not the case. It is an intelligent, thinking driver assistance system if you will.

In concrete terms, this means that our experts permanently monitor your system. They ascertain, for example, if necessary data transfers to the host systems or subsystems were disruption-free, if delivery orders got stuck somewhere, if trip completion times can be met, if daily or other work was completed, if unusually many open transports exist and much more. And if something is not as it should be: We will notify and support you in resolving the situation with our complete service organization.