We provide the complete solution!

Hardware IT Services

Of course, as a competent software vendor, we develop the complete application solution consisting of standard systems, customization and individual add-ons for you.

However, more is needed for the solution to work in the overall context:

The server system must meet the availability requirements, the sizing of the computer systems must be correct, the data backup and archiving concepts must be planned, the peripheral systems such as printers, RF terminals, RFID components and voice systems must be selected, delivered and integrated. The network must meet requirements and the WLAN must be able to reach the farthest warehouse aisle even when the shelves are full. And last, but not least, the full solution must be integrated into the system environment, be tested thoroughly and then successfully go live without major issues.

Computer Systems + Databases

First suitable, central systems must be selected. Based on the availability requirements and planned output numbers, we size the machine and select the appropriate computer system. In most cases, high availability cluster systems are chosen.

Our experts have vast experience and knowledge to accurately determine which combination of hardware, operating system (Linux, Unix, Windows) and cluster solution (native cluster, VM ware or Oracle RAC) is the right one for your situation. Our Oracle database specialists also offer performance analyses and database tuning as complementary service components.

inconso provides the sizing, procurement, configuration and go-lives of the systems from one source.



Selecting the correct peripherals takes a lot of experience.

Whether you need forklift terminals, mobile RF terminals, voice systems, RFID or printer peripherals for printing labels and delivery notes – we will help you select, procure, configure and integrate logistics peripherals as a fully responsible general contractor.



We will also gladly take over all network planning, delivery and installation.

The LAN and WLAN networks are planned based on the later requirements at the logistics site. We will determine suitable components and install them where needed to enable ideal logistics operations. Everything is planned based on a site visitation during which the inconso specialists will carry out a site survey to determine the ideal locations for the antennae. We will also gladly take on all responsibilities for the passive building cabling at the logistics site.