Add-ons for the Supply Chain

Extend the standard

You are using the perfect inconso logistics solution. Now, you require further functions? Then you will benefit from our supply chain add-ons and extend the standard according to your needs!

We offer the following solutions as add-ons for the supply chain:

inconso Warehouse Control System

Modern distribution centers with automatic storage and conveyor technology systems require a high investment volume. To ensure maximal return on investment, the performance of the technical equipment needs to be utilized to its full capacity. This is where the inconso warehouse control system comes in. The system controls the entire material flow, regardless of the type and supplier of the storage and conveyor technology. Optimization strategies such as the dynamic selection of the optimal transport route, interleaving, dynamic transport destination allocation and the creation of sequences of partial tasks are standard functions of the inconso add-ons and ensure efficient and powerful material flow in highly automated systems.


inconso Yard Management System

With the inconso Yard Management System you can manage your plant and factory yards. The software supports both the purely manual and automatic, rule-based control of complex loading and unloading, including the administration of parking areas and associated resources. The system ensures optimized resource utilization, short processing and wait times and also optimally controls and prioritizes yard operations. Stationary and mobile peripherals can be easily integrated via interfaces, enabling the complete digitalization of yard processes. Everything is possible, including autonomous Yard Management or 'self-driving technologies.’ Additional functions enable, among other things, (dynamic) container location and stacking management as well as the commissioning and monitoring of lifting technology (reach stackers, gantry cranes). They transform our solution a fully functional container management system. 

Warehouse Design and Simulation

As digitization is increasing, the days of hand-drawn or computer-generated sketches for planning and optimizing logistics systems are numbered. With the Warehouse Design and Simulation solution from inconso, logistics managers can plan visually, location-independently and three-dimensionally and display numerous scenarios for planned processes or processes to be changed. In this way, even complex processes such as the internal material fl ow or intralogistic processes for store-in and store-out can be displayed in detail. Suffi cient fl exibility is ensured as the inserted 3-D objects can be changed using adjustable parameters. The results of the simulations are calculated, analyzed and assessed using predefi ned KPIs.

Intuitive menus and user interfaces also facilitate creation. Users are easily led through the steps of the software, so that visualizations can be created without detailed prior knowledge. All standard processes in the solution are preconfi gured. It is used for new projects to create warehouse layouts and in existing warehouses to optimize systems and processes. Validate multiple layouts and logistics processes in a virtual environment without the need for physical testing.

The following options are available:

  • Analysis of changes in the warehouse’s layout and their impact on productivity
  • Identifi cation of throughput capacities and bottlenecks
  • Examination of the impact of various picking methods
  • Calculation of the resource requirements for people and machines
  • Determination of costs and service levels based on Goods Receiving and Goods Issue profi les

inconso Logistics Service Accounting

inconso Logistics Service Accounting is a solution for the largely automatic invoicing of transport, handling and storage services provided for third parties that is designed for the special needs of logistics service providers. The billing of services is based on individual processes that display process data and inventory information that are transferred from the operative logistics systems via defined interfaces in any granularity and/or entered manually. They are automatically summarized in the system based on saved intervals/cycles and algorithms in invoices for dynamically rendered services and fixed costs such as warehouse charges or insurance. These bills are used for invoicing and transferring the underlying data to financial accounting via the interface.


inconso Shipping & Dispatch System

The inconso Shipping & Dispatch System enables shipping processing (printing of the various shipping labels in forwarder-specific label designs and transferring advance ship notice data) for various parcel service providers or carriers. With the add-on, the setup of new clients on short notice is possible as well as the easy addition of new carriers. The basic functions are master data management, carrier-specific routing, shipping label creation as well as the automated printing of inbound delivery lists and the (electronic) invoicing of shipments for carriers. Further functions are shipping route and freight cost determination, routing data updates, statistics and information analyses, manual shipping processing and label re-printing, control routines for releasing or canceling packages and tracking & tracing functions. The shipping system can be fully integrated into a Warehouse Management solution or connected to other systems via an interface.

inconso Dock & Slot Management

Spontaneous inbound deliveries, long waiting times at the ramps due to bottlenecks and high demurrage charges can lead to frustration, appointment overlaps and increased costs for everyone in the supply chain. Slot planning and management of inbound and outbound deliveries supports seamless loading and unloading. The Dock & Slot Management System developed by inconso offers optimized loading and unloading processes and shortened wait times. The add-on combines the advantages of a planning and management system in one application: Inbound and outbound transports are invoiced and automatically scheduled. All transports are centrally monitored. The system improves upon coordinated, efficient loading and unloading processes in yards by differentiating ramp function areas and properties during planning. Shifts and plant calendars are also taken into account. Ultimately, the allocation of loading and unloading time slots is adapted to the respective capacities and resources.

inconso Slotting Management

The main objective of the Slotting Management System is the optimization of picking routes through the rule-based optimization of product placement in the picking zones. To this end, the ABC classes of products and their far-reaching possibilities (also proactively) are calculated, picking zone assignment is analyzed based on rules and alternatives are assessed using simulations. It supports you when setting up a picking zone in an empty warehouse area or new warehouse as well as when adding products or product lines to the existing layout. With inconso Slotting Management, relocation orders can be generated. Comprehensive reporting ensures measure transparency.

inconso Proof of Delivery

Within a transport and delivery network, stay informed about the current shipment progress at any time: inconso Proof of Delivery ensures this for improved planning and control of transport and delivery activities. The solution offers functions for track & trace and mobile functionalities for executing transport and delivery activities. The functionality of inconso Proof of Delivery is based on an app with which drivers record, communicate and transmit all activities relating to deliveries, returns and returnable goods to a web portal. Simultaneously, the customer can view a detailed overview of activities along the entire transport and supply chain - from the distribution center to the end customer - using the real-time web portal.


inconso Resource Planning

With the optimized planning of resources, i.e. of employees and funds, you can make your logistic processes even more efficient. The central question is if the available resources of the existing orders can be processed in the specified time. inconso resource planning takes the resource quantity and the available personnel into account. In the process, the following resources are defined: People and their skills, workstations and facilities, equipment and devices that are required to complete defined work steps. Factors such as working hours or an employee's knowledge are also considered in resource management. The system groups the processes to be displayed into process steps, for example picking or loading. The current orders are displayed as work steps for the defined slot and are assigned to resources. A work step has a defined execution time and specific resources are assigned to it. Using forward or backward scheduling, the work steps are displayed on a time line. First, a default value for the duration of the work step is defined. The inconso add-on automatically determines the actual duration after the work step is carried out in operations. In the simulation, past changes can be compared with real results and thus verified before transfer to operational use. In this way, the values used for the planning are continuously adjusted via the simulation. The planning and simulation results can be displayed as a utilization diagram via the individual resources or as a total resource utilization via the process steps and warehouse areas.


inconso Mobile Information System

With the inconso Mobile Information System, you can easily retrieve and visualize all data from products of the inconso Logistics Suite. With this inconso add-on, your logistical processes can be called up anywhere.


Highlights of the inconso Mobile Information System:

  • Visualization of logistic key performance indicators from the inconso Logistics Suite, SAP or other third-party systems
  • Multi-lingual, e.g. English and French
  • Different dialog types, e.g. bar graphs / Gantt charts, grid display
  • Connection of different warehouses
  • Data filtering via intelligent, dynamic filters
  • Logistic key performance indicators can be displayed according to various attributes, e.g.: number, weight, quantity, volume

inconso Voice Management System

With the voice solutions from inconso, you optimize the processes in your warehouse – from increasing productivity to guaranteeing the accuracy of picking processes through to facilitating employee training. It does not matter whether you operate a warehouse with manual processes or a highly automated distribution center – inconso Voice Management can be adapted to your individual requirements. The voice solutions are fully integrated with inconso's Warehouse Management Systems and form the basis for all voice applications in the warehouse. Pick-by-Voice enables fast picking using voice instructions based on transmitted picking data. Equipped with a voice terminal, the employee is guided from location to location during picking and is given instructions by voice output. The order picking process is confirmed by the employee's voice input and the data is processed in real time in the Warehouse Management System. inconso Voice Management also works in noisy warehouse environments as the software identifies background noises as such and only reacts to the employee’s voice.

inconso Dangerous Goods Management

inconso Dangerous Goods Management is an effective and streamlined software solution for your hazardous substance and dangerous goods management.


Overview of Features:

  • Management and maintenance of specific master data for hazardous substances and dangerous goods
  • Maintenance of text fields in different languages
  • Material and storage location compatibility check during warehouse booking
  • Check for permitted loading of mixed dangerous goods prior to transport
  • Consideration of transport facilitations according to ADR ("1000 point rule") as well as exempted or limited quantities (EQ, LQ)
  • Printing of transport documents related to dangerous goods
  • Drill-down option to view data in different levels of detail

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