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Software as a Service

Flexibility, scalability and immediate availability: With the cloud solutions of inconso, the functional scope of the inconso Logistics Suite for planning, managing and controlling your logistics processes is available to you. The cloud allows central data management and quick access which all supply chain participants profit from.

Your data is secure in a German high security data center. From this data center, the inconso applications are available as Software as a Service (SaaS). The advantages are clear: Through SaaS, our customers can use the solutions and do not need to worry about the required infrastructure nor the important security aspects. At the same time, you profit from the continual development of our cloud platform. Regular updates bring new app functions and the security of the system always remains on the most current level. The secure access to our cloud platform is provided via an encrypted data connection between the end devices and the data center. These connections can be via DSL, Site-2-Site connections or wireless connections using WLAN, UMTS or LTE. Simultaneously, the connection is so flexible that - based on customer specific settings and requirements - the access via any device and site is possible. Using a high availability environment, the operations of the inconso cloud solutions are disruption-free.


Advantages of inconso cloud solutions:

  • Availability of future-proof inconso applications as Software-as-a-Service
  • Easy start without investments in your own infrastructure
  • Short availability time of applications
  • Certified data center operations according to ISO9001 and ISO27001

The following inconso solutions are already available in the cloud:

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