Distributed Order Management

Networks at a Glance

As Distributed Order Management becomes more complex; as suppliers, service providers and customers need to be included in the view of goods flows and inventories; as you need to monitor and efficiently manage multiple distribution levels and warehouse locations - there is a gap between the enterprise resource planning systems on the one hand and the systems for operational control of warehouse and distribution locations as well as transports on the other. 

As a logistic control instrument between the warehouse, transport and materials management, our Distributed Order Management provides a comprehensive view of current stocks at the locations and in transit, availabilities of stocks and utilization in the warehouse and transport. Dashboard dialogs in the solution enable you to track the status of logistics processes in any granularity.

Functions of the Distributed Order Management System

  • Inventory management 
  • Order management, source of supply determination including available-to-promise (ATP)
  • Interface management 
  • Advance Ship Notice and Receiving Control

System Highlights of the Distributed Order Management System

  • Transparency through the centralization of all logistics information, monitoring of all processes, comprehensive batch tracking and flexible reporting
  • Increase in efficiency + cost reduction through logistics dashboard with planning support for cross-warehouse inventory, transport, receiving and replenishment control and process optimization 
  • Flexibility through consolidated, uniform interfaces and integration of heterogeneous system landscapes 
  • Support for transition and migration scenarios

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