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The conservative logistics world meets the modern world: Real apps on smartphones or tablets are quite new, especially for the rather conservative logistics world. inconso Mobile Information System and inconso Proof of Delivery are mobile logistics solutions already included in our product portfolio, illustrating that we have extensive experience in app development. Mobile Applications, Voice and Assisted Reality are also part of inconso Mobile Solutions and ensure smooth processes in logistics.


Mobile Applications

The world is becoming mobile. inconso responds to this trend with its "Mobile Applications" range of services. We developed cross-platform solutions on iOS and Android devices not only as innovative front ends for our logistics applications. We also offer the tailored development of apps for tablets and smartphones for various use cases. 

These apps can used with our logistics solutions as well as in the area of device control. Here, mobile devices increasingly replace classic user interfaces. inconso is your partner for the implementation of innovative, sophisticated ideas for state-of-the-art Internet and mobile technologies for your business.

Voice Solutions

With the voice solutions from inconso, you optimize the processes in your warehouse – from increasing productivity to guaranteeing the accuracy of picking processes through to facilitating employee training. It does not matter whether you operate a warehouse with manual processes or a highly automated distribution center – inconso Voice Management can be adapted to your individual requirements. The voice solutions are fully integrated with inconso's Warehouse Management Systems and form the basis for all voice applications in the warehouse. Pick-by-Voice enables fast picking using voice instructions based on transmitted picking data. Equipped with a voice terminal, the employee is guided from location to location during picking and is given instructions by voice output. The order picking process is confirmed by the employee's voice input and the data is processed in real time in the Warehouse Management System. inconso Voice Management also works in noisy warehouse environments, as the software identifies background noises as such and only reacts to the employee’s voice.

Augmented Reality Solutions

Augmented reality, the addition of digital information to reality, is now used in many areas of our daily lives. There are also many possible applications for this new technology in industrial settings. inconso is your partner for the implementation of innovative and sophisticated ideas pertaining to augmented reality. Our portfolio includes consulting to determine suitable smart devices and the realization of tailored logistics applications.

inconso AR Pack Check supports the packing process using the integrated camera of your modern, commercial smart device. When used together with data glasses, a smartphone or a tablet, the app automatically recognizes the goods requiring packing and augments with data from the back end system. As soon as the goods have been recorded, the app aids the user in selection and positioning. The digital contents (texts, HTML, images, videos or 3D models) that are displayed for the goods to be packed and their packaging can be flexibly configured. Based on the order type, placement information, safety notes, additional information about the contents as well as packing instructions are displayed in real time directly on the package. Users can enter data either via spoken commands or via a touchscreen. This makes the packing process safer and more efficient and reduces the error rate of incorrectly packed goods.

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