Logistics 4.0

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The use of innovative technologies and processes will have a massive impact on logistics in the near future. Therefore, inconso supports small and large digitization efforts with professional consulting, innovative solutions and practical know-how. However, the full potential of the digital age can only be reached through co-creation. So let's do this together!

First things first: Integrative logistics systems are the basic prerequisite. Systems should be ready for the integration of technologies such as sensors, image recognition, voice control or assisted reality. To this end, the following holds true: No matter which systems and intelligent components interact, or how many manufacturers, retailers, service providers and carriers are involved, IT infrastructures are often the factors that tip the scales. A powerful logistics system platform makes all the difference to prepare your company for constantly changing requirements in the age of Industry 4.0. Meanwhile, the cloud, smart sensors and intelligent algorithms create additional possibilities for comprehensive logistics networking.


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More Than Just a Megatrend | Cloud Computing

IT also needs to be able to handle growing volumes of data and increasing mobility. For this reason, cloud solutions have become one of the main catalysts of digital change, as they are immediately available and feature high flexibility, low investment costs and fast operational readiness. The extensively expanded portfolio of inconso Cloud Solutions also features tailored SaaS models and cloud service subscriptions.

Warehouse Automation at Its Best | Robotics

Today, robots already support picking or Goods Issue processes autonomously. In addition, cobots open up new forms of human-machine collaboration in logistics. From autonomous to collaborative.

Holistic Networking | Smart Sensors & the IoT

With the aid of intelligent sensors, individual objects or products are connected to the particular infrastructure. Information is transmitted in real time to a central instance in order to optimize the flow of goods along the entire supply chain. Regardless of whether individual containers or entire pallets are involved, optimizations are integrated via the Internet of Things.

Setting New Standards | AA/AI

The accumulation of large amounts of data grows in importance due to the IoT, i.e. the networking of individual objects or products with their respective IT infrastructures. This is where AA (advanced analytics) and AI (artificial intelligence) come into play, which are based on intelligent machine learning algorithms and hold great potential.


Virtual Assistants on the Rise | Voice

Whether you choose Pick-by-Voice or the virtual assistant Alexa – hands-free virtual assistants make information available in real time. This shortens training times, reduces errors and increases efficiency. New applications continue to be found for innovative virtual assistance systems, including in production and logistics.


Advancements through AR | Assisted Reality & Wearable Devices

Today, mobile devices provide a wide range of possibilities, realized through apps making use of the camera for photos or scans and functions that use your location, gestures, motions, fingerprints and last, but not least, voice. AR also has numerous, innovative applications, enriching real situations with virtual aspects (e.g. text modules, additional information as images, videos).

Your Partner for Digitization from A to Z

Let's be honest: Many roads lead to the digital age – and most of the technologies required for this are already available today. In addition, inconso can rely on over a decade of software expertise and in-depth know-how when integrating leading-edge technologies benefiting your logistics.

Teams of experts also provide advice and support for your innovative approaches and new digital business models. As a consulting and implementation partner, inconso accompanies any project from A to Z, whether you are implementing holistic solutions (end-to-end) or developing new ones: Together with you, the inconso experts pave the way to the digital age: from "co-llaboration" to "co-innovation."

Achieving Success Together

The key is: co-creation. Co-creation is about inconso and innovative companies working together to significantly shorten the time required to bring projects to fruition. This is made possible by the use of agile concepts and the proven multiphase Stage-Gate framework on the other. Teamwork is strongly encouraged. User stories go through phases defined in great detail – from ideation to concept creation and specification through to the pilot MVP (minimum viable product).

Solution development is carried out by an interdisciplinary team consisting of the project manager, process experts, technical experts, software developers and other external project participants. The benefits are obvious: The objectives of the solution idea are clearly communicated, essential deadlines and supplied goods can be traced via the Stage-Gate logic, responsibilities and roles are assigned and the defined Stage-Gate reviews provide a clear overview of the project’s progress.

The benefit: Use cases are an excellent start to a comprehensive digitization plan. Technologies can be evaluated selectively with this procedure. This reduces risks, especially for changed work processes in change management.

What is certain is that constantly changing requirements in logistics create unprecedented challenges that also require special approaches to Logistics 4.0. But the opportunities are just as varied as the challenges. They far surpass what has been mentioned here and are opening up paths and markets that used to be unthinkable. Your topic is not included? Then contact us!

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