Yard Management

Streamlined Yard Processes

Our Yard Management solution is also characterized by the ability to operate with maximum flexibility in system managed plant and factory yards. This is what distinguishes our Yard Management solution. Every yard is different. That is why the software supports both purely manual and automatic, rule-based control of complex loading and unloading including the management of parking lots, parking spaces and related resources. 


The system ensures optimized resource utilization, short processing and wait times while optimally controlling and prioritizing yard operations. Stationary and mobile peripherals can be easily integrated via interfaces and enable the complete digitalization of yard processes. There are many possibilities - including autonomous Yard Management or 'self-driving technologies.’ Additional functions enable, among other things, (dynamic) container location and stacking management as well as the commissioning and monitoring of lifting technology (reach stackers, gantry cranes). They transform our solution to be a fully functional container management system.

System Highlights of the Yard Management System:

  • Automatic, rule-based control of all internal transports
  • Priority-controlled assignment of yard vehicles
  • Visual tracking and manual control of yard movements via a graphical dashboard
  • Recording of processing times as individual activity times (e.g. arrival, wait, unloading time, etc.)
  • Protocolling and archiving of yard processes and tasks
  • Control of the technical equipment necessary for efficient processing such as display panels, log-in terminals, pagers, smartphones, traffic lights or scales
  • High integration capability for connecting video and transponder systems, gates and OCR technology

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